“My Passion…My Art.
          I have always been attracted to the great outdoors, the expansiveness of the sky punctuated by the trees. The way everything moves in the wind, the expression that is left with us.
          Traveling by motorcycle, these visuals are even bigger and bolder than you could ever imagine. Time weaves through everything I paint whether its a fleeting moment at the ends of the day or a whisper of a by gone era. I paint what I see, what I remember and what I imagine but not in any particular order. 
          I’m lucky to be able to live my passion and create what I call interpretative landscapes. I never bother with all the small details in by art, I tend to concentrate on the overall effect or the ‘big picture’.”

           John’s journey started with a baby sitter, in his colouring book she used multiple colours to create a red apple, greens, blues, purples and reds. He was intrigued. That image has stuck in his mind since he was 5 years old. Years later he traveled to California where he studied in Los Angeles at ‘Art Centre College of Design receiving a BFA, he is now working on his MFA.
            There is no destination, only a journey.
John’s interpretive landscapes reflect a fresh approach to the wonderment of the outdoors. “Happy.” “Content.” “Comfortable.” “At ease.” These are some of the words used to describe his work.
            John’s paintings have found new homes in private collections and offices across North America.